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New Avogadro2 Website

There’s been a bunch of work on Avogadro2 moving towards a 1.94 release soon, and a 2.0 release this fall. (Maybe 10-23 in American notation?)

As part of this, I’ve spent time over the last few days working on a website for Avo2. At the moment, it’s focused more on developer contributions, plugin scripts, etc.


Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions?

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Look very nice, will you add more screen shot as well?

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I realized I didn’t write back.

We definitely want to include more screenshots, although probably more as part of a gallery page (e.g.: Gallery — Bokeh 2.3.2 Documentation)

Other suggestions for putting together a nice screenshot gallery are definitely welcome.

Right now, my main focus is on finishing up 1.94 for release. :slight_smile: