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I saw that the option “build/Insert/fragment” there is not anymore. In addition, I can not rotate fragments (without rotate axis) as in previous versions.
Should I install some specific complements/ plug-in/ library?

Thanks in advance,
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German Lener

Yep. Coming soon (as in 1.94 should be released in a week or two with those features).

Part of the hold-up on inserting fragments was that I wanted people to be able to download updates to the molecule library.

There’s an open bug request about rotation here: Rotate selection · Issue #519 · OpenChemistry/avogadrolibs · GitHub

I should get the “Insert Fragment” done this afternoon, with rotate selection/fragments done by the weekend.

Most of the “Insert Fragment” is done - just a bit to make sure it installs and finds fragments. (The downloader can already download new updates.)