Improve way that users discover Avogadro?

I have noticed that when users come to the forum looking for support/troubleshooting, they are extremely frequently using Avogadro 1.2. I suspect this is because the existence of Avogadro 2, and where to download it from, is somewhat hidden to new users…

Googling “avogadro software” gives the website,, as the first result. I should think most people hear of avogadro by word of mouth, either on or offline, and thus surely google and then the official website must be the primary way people are introduced to avogadro. However, clicking the download button on the main avogadro website directs the user to sourceforge where an automatic download of Avo 1.2 begins. I think this may be why most new users end up using 1.2, and this surely hurts user retention as Avo2 is so much more stable and capable. Can I suggest that the download button instead links to GitHub, to the latest release page? Or alternatively, to, where the options are well laid out?

Equally, the second link on google is to the sourceforge page, not the GitHub page. Is there a way maybe to also deprecate the sourceforge repository in search engines in favour of the GitHub one?

The same applies to the “manual” link on the homepage. At the moment this links to the docs for Avo1.2, but this is of course now hopelessly out of date. I know the new docs are not yet comprehensive, but maybe it is worth redirecting the link to them already/in the near future?

Avo2 is still in beta, sure, but looking at the number of times you @ghutchis have to tell people to download a newer version, it is clearly currently too difficult for people to find. You must be tired of typing the same response to people every time! :smiling_face_with_tear: Thoughts?

We’re almost there… really, really close.

At the end of last summer, the survey suggested that a lot of people hadn’t tried Avo2 yet because it was missing feature X or Y or Z.

  • various bugs (mostly fixed)
  • molecular surfaces / electrostatic potentials (now in 1.97)
  • translation support (now in 1.97 … annoying :beetle: finally squashed)
  • hydrogen bond rendering (now in 1.97)
  • optimization / auto-optimization with frozen atoms and constraints (coming soon)
  • etc. (probably a few other things I’m forgetting right now)

And of course, updated documentation / website / tutorials.

I’ll be posting a thread on “simple things you can do to help” soon.

My semi-realistic goal is to get a 2.0 release by October. I’m pretty sure SourceForge will disappear over time, but we’ll also post releases there.

One thing that would really help is for someone to figure out a “one-click download”

Like if I go to Download — - it knows I’m using a Mac or Windows machine.

I want something like that using Python (Sphinx) or JavaScript…