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Results from 2021 Community Survey

We posted the 2021 edition of the community survey recently and circulated on Twitter.

There’s plenty of feedback, but here’s an initial summary. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

Most users (about 60%) hear from a friend or mentor

About 30% hear about Avogadro from a friend, 18% from a mentor, and 12% from a workshop / presentation

In short, if you want to help Avogadro, please tell people about it.

Most respondents use Linux and Windows (and many use both)

Many responses from Europe and North America

We know there are many, many downloads from Asia and S. America - so the survey isn’t fully representative

Many would like to contribute in different ways

Please do - all contributions are welcome!

Over 60% of respondents do at least some coding in Python

Some interest in “swag” to encourage contributions

Particular interest in physical copies, manuals, and online workshops and tutorials…

Many respondents use Avogadro frequently

But less use of Avo2 so far