How You Can Help Release 2.0 (in only a few minutes of work)

A few weeks ago, @matterhorn103 asked about how to improve the way users discover Avogadro particularly focusing on switching the website to discuss 2.0 and the betas.

Here’s the good news. I think we’re really close to having major features finished for 2.0. As in, I have a checklist on my computer. :wink:

I can think of a few things that would significantly help get a polished 2.0 release and only take a few minutes…

I’m chipping away at remaining features and bugs, but if others can help take and crop or edit screenshots for the documentation, that’s a big help.

For example, every screenshot here is out-of-date: Drawing Molecules - Avogadro

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Hello! Am I right in reading this as “there are some features which will be in 2.0 but are still not present in betas, such as 1.97”?

There will certainly be a 1.98 beta and potentially a 1.99 beta as well.

But yes, you’re reading that correctly.

For example, @aerkiaga is finishing up a new real-time-shading / ambient occlusion, and I’m finishing up the new optimization framework.

Beyond those, there may be some smaller features. Several people have asked for the align tool, which is probably only a few hours to port from 1.x.

Or based on your other comment, is there some feature that you want to see in 2.0?

Did you want to just update screenshots in Avo1 manual with screenshots of Avo2, or did you want to start rewriting it?


I’m rewriting using GitBook because there are some new features and some things are dropping from the manual.

Even for sections that don’t need rewrites (e.g., Insert Fragment) it would be good to have new screenshots.