Can't Draw/ Connect Bonds in Orca Version or 1.2


I have seen a number of posts describing the very problem I had and were unable to find any solution (except being told to use Avogadro2…). I want to share a possible solution that ended up working that wasn’t too apparent in the beginning.
Some example posts:

More specifically, one can only create methane (or ethane if click then drag). Click the molecules will result in change in bond order (cycling through single, double and triple bonds), and can’t add any additional atoms unless you start clicking elsewhere blank.

Possible Solution

I believe this has to do with the driver having some bad library after update and it only affects version 1.2 or Orca enhanced version. For AMD, you want to either roll back to Adrenaline 22.11 or update to 23.10 and disable everything in the graphics panel in the Radeon software. If you are rolling back, make sure use AMD Cleanup Utility as precaution. I have not had this problem with Nvidia’s card. If someone does, try update graphics card driver let us know if it help.

I hope this help!

Yes, this is a driver issue. Unfortunately, the way we coded OpenGL in Avogadro 1.0 / 1.2 was a very old approach. Modern graphics cards don’t always support this pathway. (OpenGL 3.2 “core” actually disables it.)

In Avogadro 1.9x / 2.0, we’re using a new graphics architecture.

But I’m sure people will appreciate hints as to AMD and Nvidia drivers that support Avogadro 1.2 - thanks!