Vibrational spectra in v1.99

The Announcement here regarding v1.99 indicated that plotting of vibrational spectra was now available. That menu item is greyed out for me. If I open the same file (.out file from Gaussian) in Avogadro1 (v1.20) I can view a spectrum, a list of the normal modes, and I can animate them. Beautiful!
Is there an issue with my install or this not truly yet available in Avo2?

It’s definitely available. Can you post the file? Thanks.

Beyond the spectra, can you animate the vibrational modes?

I can animate and view spectra from this file in Avogadro1. In Avogadro2, the relevant menu commands are not available.
Example.out (3.4 MB)

It works now!
The issue, I think, had to do with my python installation. I had updated python to 3.12 using mamba, and also updated mamba itself. At some point there was a MacOS message about needing to install command line tools. I think this appeared when I was setting the python path in Avogadro2. I had left that message window open. I tested my python install (e.g. “” executed fine) so I had ignored the message. When I finally closed the window (i.e. quit Command Line Tool Installer), Avogadro2 worked in terms of displaying spectra and animating modes.
Awesome. Thanks and sorry for the bother.

To piggyback on this;
-are force vectors not available in Avo2? Very helpful in Avo1
-checking/unchecking “calculated spectra” in the Options → Appearance tab did nothing
-somehow the axes display got corrupted when I was changing options. Closing/opening the spectra window did not remedy the situation.
Otherwise great to have vibrational analysis in Avo2.