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Help with AppImage, Snap, or other packages

Several people have noted problems with packaging for Avogadro 2.

Our GitHub builds already save binaries for Mac and Windows. We’d be happy to provide other binary packages, but it would help to know:

  • What packages people want (e.g., Snap? AppImage? Ubuntu? RedHat?)
  • If some volunteers can step forward to help with the workflow

(That doesn’t need to be you… if you can help recruit people who have built other packages, Snap, AppImage, etc. just help us get the build going.)

For example, @kevinsmia1939 built out a Flatpak package for Avo2:

What do you think about pre-installing plugins for Flatpak? At least these default plugins, avogenerators, Molecules, and Crystals.

Plugin downloader does not place plugins in the correct directory. The correct directory is this.


We definitely don’t want to pre-install plugins. There will soon be a whole plugin directory, and the point is that users can install their own plugins.

I’ll comment in the other thread - the main question is to know the path…

Regarding binaries, it would be great to have a deb package for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distros. I happen to use Linux Mint 20.1, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04.