Working on chromebook

Does anyone know how to work avogadro on a chromebook? I managed to download it but I can’t draw anything. None of my lab advisers know what the problem is or how to fix it.

I don’t know much about ChromeOS - when you try to run it, does it open the UI? (For example, it needs OpenGL to run and won’t launch if that’s not available.)

What version of Avogadro and what ChromeOS are you using?

The app opens but when I try to draw any molecules, nothing appears. I have tried everything, my advisor has compared my settings and everything to her’s and it’s identical as far as we can tell.

I’m using version 1.2 on a fully updated ChromeOS I believe.

I don’t know. We can’t support 1.2 anymore, and I don’t think I’ve heard of someone running it on Chrome before either. (Nice to know.)

I’d check to make sure that you’ve selected a rendering type, like “Balls and Sticks” that’s selected.

I’d also check if you open an existing molecular file whether you see something.

Otherwise, I’m not sure I can help much over a forum.