Windows & OpenSSL - Testing Needed

First off, I’m not going to hold off a release of 1.99 for this.

tldr; Windows needs OpenSSL DLLs to use HTTPS but it’s hard to get the right ones

In order to use HTTPS, you need SSL support (e.g., OpenSSL). For whatever reason, when you install Qt it does not include OpenSSL with the installation. On Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. this doesn’t matter because the OS provides the SSL libraries. On Windows, network connections are broken because the package doesn’t include OpenSSL. (sigh)

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get the OpenSSL DLL for the GitHub builds. Unfortunately, Qt provides binaries linked against OpenSSL v1.1.1 but only provides DLLs for OpenSSL v3. :thinking:

While it’s possible to find binary DLL for OpenSSL v1.1.1, I’m a little worried they won’t be binary compatible with the Qt DLLs.

If you can help test, I can point you at some of the installers - you basically need to drag DLL to the Avogadro “bin” directory and let me know if the plugin downloader starts to work.

If we can fix this, I’ll make a 1.99.1 release (or whatever) and send some $$ for helping resolve this headache.

i can try to help on this i have windows as my os .

Okay, well can you take a look at for the nightly Windows build? Thanks

In particular, the new build / 1.99 release should:

  • work with File ⇒ Import ⇒ Download by Name…
  • show a list of plugins with Extensions ⇒ Download Plugins.…

Thanks for testing help. (It worked for a friend, so I’m hopeful this fixes the problems.)

Hey Geoff, I recently moved to a new laptop and didn’t install OpenSSL manually, the new 1.99.0 nightly build that I downloaded today had a fully populated plugins list and I was able to download and get them extracted, no extra hassle!

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Nightly works here, too.

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Are all plugins working properly? Can you test peptide generation or glycan to smile conversion plugins …since on my system they do get visible in the build menu but on selecting, they take the input but no output or changes take place.

Secondly, in the development builds some of the plugins are being displayed after drag and drop in the build menu but aren’t responsive for example, pubchem integration script and some even aren’t getting displayed in the build menu after drag drop for example rotation script. I actually wanted to test these scripts but they arent working in the avogadro window.