Windows/Linux questions


I have just joined the list and thought I should introduce myself. I teach chemistry at a small private college in Michigan and I would like to help with Avogadro. I don’t have much programming background, but I thought I would be able to help with the documentation. I am particularly interested in the Education examples on the wiki.

I have both Windows and Linux installed on my laptop, so I thought I would try Avogadro on both. I’m running:

Windows XP using Avogadro 0.9.7

Ubuntu (Jaunty) 9.04 using Avogadro 0.9.6.

I’m new to Ubuntu and a little unsure about compiling from source, so I am using the most recent version of Avogadro I could access from the Debichem repository as described on the Distribution Packages page of the wiki.

In playing around with Avogadro I noticed a number of discrepancies between the Linux version and the Windows version. Some of the Linux problems I’m seeing may have been fixed in 0.9.7

Dr. Steven P. Wathen
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Siena Heights University
1247 East Siena Heights Drive
Adrian, MI 49221

(517) 264-7657