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Will Avogadro support Wayland?


I check if Avogadro will run on Wayland on Linux desktop?

It will be some time before Wayland gain adoption. But since Ubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34 switch to Wayland as default.

Avogadro in Wayland is broken as shown. If I were to guess, it might be because broken glew on Wayland. So when glew support it, Avogadro might be.

Certainly we’d like to support Wayland. If you (and others) can file an issue, that would be great to track.

It looks like it might be easier to switch from GLEW to libepoxy. Looks like there’s also a “glew-wayland” project.

GL3W seems like another alternative: GitHub - skaslev/gl3w: Simple OpenGL core profile loading

We don’t really use GLEW heavily, so it shouldn’t be hard to drop it.

But please open an issue to remind us. @mhanwell mentioned switching to OpenGL 3.3 core profile, so dumping GLEW seems like a good project at the same time.

I see you opened the issue, thanks: