Wiimote for Avogadro (WmAvo, WiiChem project)

Hi all,

The current version (2.0) of the WmAvo plugins of the WiiChem project is
released (git://github.com/mickaelgadroy/avogadro.git, branch wmavo2.0).
I gave little information about the last version because we had
performance problem on Windows and Linux. They are solved.
For the moment, the Linux version is easily to compile. For Windows, I
advice against. For Mac, sorry, not available.
I will send an other e-mail when a version without compilation is
available (on avogadro-discuss).

Reminder: With this plugins, you can manipulate Avogadro with the Wiimote.
You can :
(wm: wiimote ; nc: nunchuck)

  • move the mouse cursor (B button under wm);

  • select atom (put cursor on an atom, then press A on wm)

  • create atom (’+’ on wm) (keep press to create 2 bonded atoms)

  • delete (in priority of evaluation)

    • atom under cursor (’-’ on wm)
    • all selected atoms (’-’ on wm)
  • center view to the barycenter of the molecule (home button on wm)

  • 90°-axes camera rotation (D-pad on wm)

  • camera rotation (joystick on nc)

  • zoom in (C on nc)

  • zoom out (Z on nc)

  • move camera (C and Z and joystick on nc)

  • open menu (stay pressed ~3s on wm right D-pad)

  • navigate in the menu (D-pad on wm)

  • select in the menu (A on wm)

  • close the menu (select “close menu” on the root menu)

To connect the Wiimote in Avogadro :
- on Linux:
- go to Extensions -> Wiimote -> Connect Wiimote, AND (press 1+2 on
the Wiimote immediatly).
- on Windows:
- you must pair the Wiimote with Windows (Bluetooth -> Add device)
- when the wiimote is paired (LED stays “blinking”),
in Avogadro, go to Extensions -> Wiimote -> Connect Wiimote, AND
(press 1+2 on the Wiimote immediatly).

To get the source :
git clone git://github.com/mickaelgadroy/avogadro.git
git checkout --track -b refactored wmavo2.0/wmavo2.0

The code; doc, etc. can be found in :


To compile it on Linux :
cd […]/avogadro
bash scripts/install-wiiuse.sh # Install bluetooth dependencies.
mkdir build
cd build
cmake …/ -DENABLE_WMAVO=true
make -j2
sudo make install

If you test on a virtual machine, a problem can be appeared with the
cursor. To resolve it, disable the grabing of the mouse by the VM.

Have a good time!

Mickaël Gadroy and Eric Henon

University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
UFR Sciences Exactes et Naturelles
Campus du Moulin de la Housse
BP 1039 - 51687 REIMS Cedex 2 - France
www.univ-reims.fr / www.univ-reims.eu

I have a few (minor) questions about the fragment patches, since I’m finalizing a big update of new molecular fragments.

For one, you have a few files named “alcohol2.cml” or “methyl2.cml” for example. We’ve tried to use IUPAC names wherever possible.

You also have, I guess, a set of elements “bromine.cml” which really looks like H-Br. How does this differ from having the regular draw tool?

Also, you seem to have a complete copy of all of the fragments inside the source for the extension. Is this needed?