Why can't I select individual atoms in Avogadro 1.2?

I can’t select individual atoms in Avogadro 12,My computer system is win11, AMD processor

@zwj Avogadro 1.2 is of a branch no longer maintained for multiple years. Check if your workflow is compatible with the current branch leading to Avogadro2; stable releases are available here, or on GitHub for WIndows, Mac, or Linux.

Thank you for your reply, after many attempts, Avogodra 1.2 can’t select the single atomic reason seems to be because it can’t be adapted with AMD’s graphics card. I want to use the auto-optimize feature in Avogodra 1.2, but it seems that in Avogodra 2 I didn’t find this feature

@zwj By

… can’t select single atom[s] …

in context of an optimization, do you refer to Avogadro’s freeze of individual atoms selected (extensions → calculate → freeze selected atoms; GUI of Avogadro 1.99)? So far, I considered the optimization of the whole (small organic) molecules with one of OpenBabel’s force fields (via extensions → openbabel → optimize geometry) as good enough either to depict the molecule as such, or for an export via Avogenerators for a subsequent computation (e.g., MOPAC/Gaussian) outside the program. Of course, your mileage may vary.