View crystal structures with more periodic images

I am new to avogadro.
I imported crystal structure (cif file) to avogadro1.97, and I would like to show more periodic images for the loaded structure (not generate a bigger supercell, just view the structure in its bigger supercell). I did not find the option to do so, is there any thing I missed?

Thank you very much in advance.


IMHO, it’s not needed in Avogadro 1.97. In the previous version, we were using an old feature of OpenGL rendering to display the extra copies. This was faster than generating atoms in the supercell.

In 1.9x / 2.0, our rendering system is much faster, and the “virtual copy” feature is not well supported by modern graphic cards.

Can you explain how this is useful to you vs. generating a supercell for display and reducing when needed?