Unable to copy as SMILES

I have been trying to copy my molecules as SMILES format but I cannot find any option to do so on avogadro2. In avogadro 1.2 I used to just go to edit, then copy as SMILES but it seems that option is not available anymore. There is just a copy option which gets you the whole code of the molecule which does not help me.

Indeed, I noticed this recently too:

Which is to say that it’ll be added to the dev code sometime this week. :wink:

Suggestions about commands / formats are welcome, either here or on the GitHub issue.

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Do we have any updates related to this matter?

Yep. It was merged a few days ago: Add back copy as SMILES / InChI by ghutchis · Pull Request #1147 · OpenChemistry/avogadrolibs · GitHub

It should be available in the nightly builds: https://two.avogadro.cc/