Timing a 1.99 release / urgent fixes, features, etc

Believe it or not, based on the roadmap we’re close to a 1.99 release:

  • new tool icons, including dark / light mode
  • improved optimization framework with Open Babel integration
    • conformer search dialog (through Open Babel)
  • much faster surface / orbital generation
  • spectra plotting
  • Wayland support
  • Python / plugin enhancements
    • Better selection of Python environment
    • Install Python prerequisites with download tool

Now of course I’d love to keep working on polish, bug fixes, etc. But I also want to keep in mind the Upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release.

It seems like @RizzerOnGitHub was suggesting 10 Feb as the final date, which is one week away.

So my plan would be to release 1.99 sometime this week.

What are crucial needs for the release?

All that plus the numerous bug fixes you’ve done over the past few months are going to make for a fantastic release. :slight_smile:

Of the planned things, I think the orbital table would have the biggest impact for the most people. Not long enough left for finishing that up though I assume?

There will always be the next thing to add or fix or polish. Can only do the best you can at any given point in time.

That said, the most noticeable flaw for me is when the import functions don’t work (#1489)

Is that still true in HEAD? I changed back the obabel code to prefer cml until Open Babel 3.2 is released.

I haven’t tested HEAD, so if you’ve fixed it there then it’s probably all good.