The button help.. doesnt work properly

video representation of bug

The help … button has a little bug .
For example when u try to click on little below you will encounter the bug .
The help… button implementation is not that smooth you cant hover above the help window .if you remove the cursor from the help… button the window closes.

It’s a tool tip. It’s intended to close when you move the cursor.

I’m not sure what you would want it to do instead?

When you try to click just below the … the help window opens and closes instanly even though u didnt move ur cursor ?

I can reproduce the bug in the nightly AppImage too. The tool tip isn’t persistent, even when the mouse is kept completely still. Even if it is selected with tab and opened with space, it disappears after half a second.

Okay, but I don’t think there’s anything on our end that causes this. The tooltip exists in all versions – can someone check a normal Linux package (e.g., Ubuntu)?

To me, it seems like an issue with AppImage rather than Avogadro.

On my version compiled a few days ago (Qt5) it doesn’t show the bug, so it does seem to be system-specific.

But isn’t @Kiran_Vasave running Windows 11?

The bug is there on my builded repo also i builded the repo in ubuntu .
The above video is taken from windows 11 so i dont think so it is system specific error.