Testers Needed for Mac M1 packages

I’ve been building on my M1-based MacBook Air and think I can distribute signed releases.

Is there anyone who’d like to test a build?

  • Do you see any “unknown developer” dialogs?
    • These builds should be properly signed / notarized … but it’s my computer’s certificate so I want to make sure they work on other Macs :slight_smile:
  • Do you find other errors after launching / running?
    • They should be bundled properly for an M1 machine, but again, it helps to know if it works on other people’s Macs…


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Here’s the beta M1 package I can assure you that it’s signed and passed Apple’s notarization. It’s also the version I’m using on my laptop. Otherwise, it doesn’t have much testing yet, so help is appreciated!

Hi, just downloaded the dmg, worked great! I’m still getting the ‘Error interpreting Open Babel output.’ output when trying to optimise geometry, but that was also a problem for me with 1.94 and 1.95

Did any error message pop up about unknown developer, etc.?
(I’m trying to ensure the signature / notarization is solved.)

The Open Babel error is different - the “hardened runtime” required to sign apps requires a specific entitlement to load Open Babel’s plugins. Pretty sure I have that one solved now too.

That sounds great! I only got the normal warning (downloaded from the internet) which I could immediately press “open”

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