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Whoo, hooo - that’s great news! I’m delighted for you, and glad you
have been recognised for your enormous contributions here and over at

  • Noel

On 30 October 2013 20:10, Geoffrey Hutchison geoff.hutchison@gmail.com wrote:

Dear everyone,

My department voted recently to recommend me for tenure here at Pitt. While this still needs approval from the Dean, it’s essentially settled.

Open Babel and Avogadro were indeed key pieces in my tenure package and I know from the department chair that external evaluations were quite complimentary about the contributions of Open Babel and Avogadro to the broader community.

I can’t take credit for that. So I want to thank everyone for your help. I think we’re doing some great things. Case in point, the Avogadro paper has 62 citations in 2013 and Open Babel has 109.

I’ll send out some “future plans” next week. We need some new releases!


Prof. Geoffrey Hutchison
Department of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh
tel: (412) 648-0492
email: geoff.hutchison@gmail.com
web: http://hutchison.chem.pitt.edu/

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