Spherical Shell Modeling for Catalysts

I am trying to generate a shell of platinum surrounding another metal molecular model and been having trouble building it and optimizing the geometries. Can Avogadro make spherical shells geometries for this purpose? I am very new to Avogadro, so still learning how all the features work.
Best, Brian

It depends a bit on what version of Avogadro you’re using. There is a nanoparticle builder command in Avogadro 1.2.

But it sounds like you want a core-shell nanoparticle (e.g., Pt shell around silver or something like that). It would be pretty easy to add a script for Avogadro 1.98 and above for that (e.g., define the size of the core and shell regions, the metals for each, then generate the fills).

If you’re using 1.98 or above, let me know and we can send a script.

Hey Mr. Hutchison,

I checked my current Avogadro version and it says I have version 1.2.

I will check in on getting Avogadro 2, but that script would be very useful and much appreciated.

Best, Brian

You can download beta versions from https://two.avogadro.cc/