Source for current Avogadro documentation

Hello all,

I am working on developing some Avogadro plugins for a particular research group I support, and would like to integrate documentation of those plugins into the main Avogadro documentation for new users that will be using our version but are not familiar with Avogadro. The current doc folder in the Avogadro 1.2.0 source contains only a stub of the current documentation available for Avogadro. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the full source for the current documentation? I don’t want to recreate the wheel by providing more than one set of documentation to users of our version.


The current website is on GitHub - there are links at the bottom of each page.

It lives here:

In principal, changes to the documentation should go into the manual:

This ensures we can send out compiled PDF, print books, etc. I have not yet set up automatic import from the manual into the website.