Select tool: no easy way to deselect an atom

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Submitted By: Benoit Jacob (benoitjacob)
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Summary: Select tool: no easy way to deselect an atom

Initial Comment:
Use scenarios:

A) You have selected an atom. Now you want to unselect it. You would expect that clicking again on that atom deselects it.

B) You have selected 3 atoms. But now you changed your minds and want only the 2 first ones to be selected. So you click on the 3rd one, expecting it to deselect it.

That’s why I believe that the behavior of the select tool should be, that clicking an atom toggles its selectedness state. One can then wonder what the behavior of the rubber band should be – should it also toggle? For that reason, and to avoid inconsistency, it might be better actually to use a separate input method for deselection. Perhaps some key modifier. E.g. the Alt modifier could mean deselection. That should be explained in the tooltip.

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