Removal of trailing white space


This is the second time I am posted this as the first post seems to
have been routed to /dev/null. Apologies if you get this twice. I used
the GPL script located here to
remove all the trailing white space in our files. It seemed to work
great and I would like to apply the change set.

I did want to check no one had lots of changes first though. I will
commit this tomorrow afternoon if I don’t hear any objections. It just
removes all trailing white space and leaves everything else alone. It
is one of my pet peeves and I love kate for effectively highlighting
this where many other editors fail. Vim does even better if you ask it
nicely :slight_smile:

Many files are affected but the changes are minimal and don’t affect
the build. It would be good to get in and then I may scan the tree
once a month or something to keep all the extraneous white space out
of our source :slight_smile: