Regression: first item in ordered plugin dialog is empty

GitHub issue.

Avogadro version: (please complete the following information from the About box):

  • Avogadrolibs: 1.99.0
  • Qt: 5.15.2

Desktop version: (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Linux AppImage, Windows, macOS
  • Version: various
  • Compiler: for self-compiled build, clang

Describe the bug
The bug that I described and fixed here seems to be back.

Unfortunately this renders plugins with text entry dialogs near unuseable. :frowning:

Weirdly, it doesn’t occur on my personal build of Avogadro from the latest codebase. However, it does in the 1.99 AppImage, I get the impression it’s also happening on Windows, and @JGrantHill also reports it happening on macOS (ARM).

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install the avo_xtb plugin
  2. Open the “Configure…” menu or anything else that has a dialog e.g. Run or Conformers
  3. Observe that first field is always empty, even after entering a path and saving the config, or after adding the path manually to Avogadro/commands/avo_xtb/plugin.json