Problems with label engine

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Category: Rendering
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Status: Open
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Priority: 5
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Submitted By: Benoit Jacob (benoitjacob)
Assigned to: Donald Ephraim Curtis (dcurtis3)
Summary: problems with label engine

Initial Comment:
Since the recent changes bringing renderOpaque, renderTransparant, overlays, etc., the LabelEngine triggers some bugs:

  1. When LabelEngine is active, the yellow sphere of the navigatetool is no longer transparent.

  2. When LabelEngine is active, only one of the molecules in a UnitCell gets rendered, the others are hidden. Moreover, the labelengine shows a transparency problem in that case.

I have added qDebug() to check the glPushMatrix/glPopMatrix calls in TextRenderer, and they look just fine. Therefore I suppose this might be a problem in the new “overlay” system (as LabelEngine is flagged as an overlay), which is why I assign this bug to you, Donald.

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