Problem building avogadro since switch toOpenBabel 2.2

Hi Geoff,

Geoffrey Hutchison wrote:

To get the build to work after the configure (again following the
instructions on the wiki, so I’m doing the build in a separate
directory to the source), I had to edit the files glwidget.cpp and
painterengine.cpp to change the includes at the top of the files as,
for (e.g. painterengine.cpp), they are:

Aha. That’s certainly how we’ve set up the Cmake scripts. That’s good
to know – but were the rest of the files OK? (i.e., did you only need
to edit those two?)

The rest of the files seemed to work fine.

export BABEL_LIBDIR=/openbabel/src/formats/.libs:/c/ccg/share/
export LD_PRELOAD=/openbabel/src/.libs/

UFF.prm is sat in: /openbabel/data/

export BABEL_DATADIR=/openbabel/data

I was hoping it would be something simple like that! It works fine now,
so thanks for your help.

Best wishes,