Poor graphics performance on MacOS

I believe this to be a bug with Avogadro

Environment Information

Avogadro version: 1.98.0/1.98.1
Operating system and version: MacOS 12.7

After updating Avogadro to the latest version (1.98.1), the graphical performance of the program has gotten noticeably worse compared with the previous version (1.97), especially while rotating and moving molecules in the editor using the mouse.

Thanks for your support.

You can turn off the real-time shadows:

View ⇒ Render…

Turn off Ambient Occlusion and Edge Detection

But I’m also curious - what Mac do you have? (e.g., what’s the GPU?)

Following your advice, I’ve disabled ambient occlusion and edge detection, but the performance doesn’t seem to improve. My system is a 2013 MacBook Pro with an integrated Intel Iris (HD graphics 5000/Haswell) GPU (a bit outdated, I guess…). What it seems odd to me is that the previous version of Avogadro (1.97) worked fine in the same system. Is there any way of lowering the graphics quality of the program in order to improve the performance on older machines?

Thank you for your support.

Yes. We added real-time shading, which is obviously more demanding on the GPU.

I’ll see about an option to use the old shader.

I’m impressed at the longevity of that Mac though. (If nothing else, I’ve rarely had a drive last 10 years.)

Thank you for your support. An option like that would be truly be appreciated by the owners of older machines!
Greetings and congratulations for the amazing work done in Avogadro 1.98!