Orca input generator does not print 'NORI' when selected

This is a very minor bug, but thought it might be worth mentioning: when you try to generate an input file for an Orca calculation and select the ‘NORI’ option in the RI Approximation drop-down menu, nothing is added to the input file. All the other drop-down options work, so I assume it is just a typo somewhere in the code.

I really like the way Avogadro 2 is shaping up. Keep up the good work!

Environment Information

Avogadro version: 1.99.0
Operating system and version: macOS Sonoma

Expected Behavior

NORI appears in generated Orca input file.

Actual Behavior

Orca input file does not contain NORI.

Steps to Reproduce

Select ‘NORI’ from the RI Approximation drop-down menu.

For reference, the Orca generator script is here:

Okay, bearing in mind I have almost zero knowledge of Python (just what I remember from a few weeks learning it in high school), it looks like lines starting at 288 need to be changed to:

if ri in ["None"]:
    autoaux = False
    ri = ""
elif ri in ["NORI"]:
    autoaux = False
    ri = " " + ri
    if ri in ["RIJONX", "RIJCOSX"]:
        auxbasis = rijbasis[basis]
        auxbasis = rijkbasis[basis]
    ri = " " + ri

I’m not sure if that is the most efficient (or even correct) way to do it, but it seems right in my head…

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By the way, you can edit this on your own computer. On a Mac, you can “Show Package Contents” and find the file:

It’ll be updated in the next 1.99.1 release of course.

It’s fairly easy to tweak the input generators. :snake: