Opensuse 11.0 (i586)?

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Summary: Opensuse 11.0 (i586) ?

Initial Comment:
I have recently tried to install Avogadro on an Dell Latitude D430 Laptop that is running Opensuse 11.0 (i586) using YaST. I have attempted to install Avogadro from several sites, including from The install itself seems to go fine via YaST (including the accompanying library), but when I attempt to start the program after installation it fails to bring up any graphical interface. Opensuse is up-to-date with the latest recommended patches.

Here is some more detail on my system:
OS: Linux i686
System: openSUSE 11.0 (i586)
KDE: 3.5.9 “release 49.1”

Processor (CPU): Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU U7700 @ 1.33GHz
Speed: 800.00 MHz
Cores: 2

Total memory (RAM): 2.0 GB
Free memory: 905.2 MB (+ 704.1 MB Caches)
Free swap: 4.0 GB


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