Only seeing one image when trying to view IRC calculation from Gaussian 16

I have an gaussian 16 output file from an IRC run. The default for Gaussian 16 is to do both the forward and backward reaction coordinate calculations. When I try to animate the trajectory, it is only showing a single image. However, when I view the output file, I see that there are many geometries present. I am using a M1 mac. I have attached my output file.
example.out (175.2 KB)

It would help to know what version of Avogadro you’re using.

In my case (Avogadro2 nightly) I can open with Open Babel or the cclib extension (with cclib installed in my Python environment).

I only see one coordinate set with Open Babel. I don’t know if anyone implemented IRC scans in the Gaussian reader, or if the format just changed with G16.

With the cclib extension, I see 20 frames, and the animation goes forward and backwards.

Whoops, sorry I totally forgot to include version. I included a picture. II don’t see those extensions so I might need to update to Avogadro2 nightly. Thanks!

The G16 format is subtly different and yes, that older version of Open Babel almost certainly doesn’t support IRC calculations.

I haven’t had a chance to see if the current OB code supports IRC frames, but in Avo2, you can install cclib and the Avogadro extension and read that way.

That’s generally the approach we’ve used with Avo2 - if we can offer connections to the many Python libraries, we should do that (e.g., file import, commands, partial charges …)