One Million Downloads 🎉

This is more of a “fun” thing. But Avogadro just passed a million downloads on SourceForge.

One million downloads.

Considering the recent community survey indicated ~40% of users install through package managers, that’s a huge number. At the moment, we also have >1500 citations on Google Scholar for the paper.

Thanks to an amazing community, from all the contributors, to the users, testers, bug reporters, … it’s amazing to pass this milestone and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. That’s the wonderful thing of open source.

We’ve got lots more planned for 2018!


Congrats, that’s awesome! It’s great to see the continued success of this valuable project.

Agreed, fantastic to see our download and citation numbers continue to climb.

'tis quite impressive given chemistry software is a fairly unpopular category of software. Even among Linux users they’re fairly unpopular, in fact I’ve seen a few, usually fairly unpopular, distros not bother packaging 'em at all.