New - Post Reactions

I added a new feature to the forum - reactions beyond just “heart”

If you hover over the :heart: icon in a post, you should now see a few other reactions:

This offers some ways to say “thanks” or “uh oh” to bug reports, etc.

We can easily add other emoji as reactions… Suggestions? Tweaks?

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Frankly, I had to look up some of them in emojipedia (e.g., confetti ball, rocket) to get a glimpse what the icons represent. Heart, thumbs up/+1, and beetle (as synonym for bug, I assume) were the more obvious ones for me as they are (perceived as) relevant to software development and encountered (e.g., on GitHub).

Thus my thought that the set large enough (e.g., the public discussion board of, on is constrained to heart as in I like this post). And I welcome that there is no thumbs down/-1; because, if there is something potentially problematic, this absence requires to step forward to articulate what (and why) something should be subject of revision.

Yes, I felt a bit constrained by the “I like this post” when I want to indicate “ugh, sorry that’s definitely a bug.”

By the way, you can suggest to the Fortran-lang group … this is the discourse-reactions plugin – should be easy to install on other forums. There’s a default set of emoji, but you can configure it to add :beetle: or similar.

And yes, I intentionally avoided a thumbs down for those reasons.