New Avogadro Manual

Thanks to support from the University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemistry, there is a new manual for Avogadro:

You can find the images and Markdown on GitHub, of course, which should make it fairly easy to edit, patch, and/or translate into other languages:

I would love to get feedback on this draft - what’s missing, what’s confusing, what’s good, what’s not, etc.


P.S. The book can be read online, as PDF, ePub, or MOBI (Kindle) file.
P.P.S. Thanks to Taylor Cornell, who spent multiple hours taking screenshots and working through tutorials and step-by-step guides.

That looks really great Geoff! I took a look through it and it’s a great
resource. Thanks to you and your group for putting the time in on this.

BTW, if any of the features I added, particularly the crystal stuff, need
some explanation let me know. Some of those features/options were rather
esoteric and I likely skimped on documentation here and there with them…


That is great, thanks for putting this together!

That is great, thanks for putting this together!

It’s now at and I’ll stitch it into the Help menu (i.e., to go to the website) for v 1.2.

The GitBooks service does make it possible to serve multiple languages from the same repository, so translations can be enabled too.