Need Icon / Design / UI Help Wanted

Do you do graphic design? Like to tinker with icons? Know someone who does?

We could really use some help.

We want to make Avogadro2 the best molecular editor / builder possible. We’re proud that Avogadro 1 was considered easy to use (ignoring speed / crashes).

For example, here’s the current toolbar:

Without looking at the tooltips, can you understand what all of these icons do?

Do these icons reflect good, modern UI design?

Ideally, we’d like to work with someone with a combination of some chemistry experience and some design / icon or UI/UX expertise.

Other feedback or suggestions are also welcome!

Iconography may spur many discussions (e.g., Martin Keary/tanatcrul when addressing issues in musescore in his old youtube video, for his stance on icons jump directly to 6:30 min:ss).*

For the icon bar shown – though hovering with the mouse activates a tool tip, and over time one develops a muscle memory which icon offers what functionality – I speculate that a first time user of Avogadro may indeed be a bit puzzled as I was. Why do both the second and third icon both display a pencil? Do they relate to each other? If so, how? Why do both the fourth and fifth display a hand and index finger?

In this regard, I perceived Theisen’s chemdoodle as more intuitive. Because chemdoodle webcomponents are shared with a permissive license, would he (a chemistry alumni of Rutgers/NJ)/his company be interested to join? As an example of the icons created, compact, small in dimension and easy to grasp:

To provide an example, I intuitively understood the cube with the bent arrow in lines as “rotate the structure” without try-and-error. Not not so much with the four pointed star, where the tool tip indeed was needed.

*) Martin later joined musescore to lead the development, so his review of the subsequent version 3.6 (youtube video) may be described as “the program’s interface advanced a lot”.