Need help translating some strings

Hi list,

there are 9 strings remaining untranslated, and they have been there for a
very long time. Could you please explain me what they mean? Often, what
blocks me is that I can’t tell which word is a verb, which is a noun…
because in English such ambiguity is frequent.

  1. Occupation Restricted Multiple Active Space

I understand each word separately but not at all the whole!

  1. Force Parallel Methods

Should I understand that as "Force usage of those methods that are
called ‘Parallel’ "?

  1. Parallel Load Balance Type

Should I understand that as “Type of the Balance of the Parallel Load” ?

  1. Force a Check Run Type

I really don’t understand – what does the word “Type” mean here?

  1. AO Integral Storage

I suppose AO stays as is. My problem is how to translate Integral. What does
it mean here?

  1. Integral Retention Cutoff:

Need explanation on all 3 words.

  1. Two Phase Bin Sort

I don’t understand Bin.

  1. Double Differenced Hessian

Is this the Hessian matrix as there?

  1. Use Form

What is a “Form” here? This is in GamessInputDialog.