Moving Avogadro's Version Control to GitHub and Git


This has been coming for a while now. After discussing Git and GitHub on IRC
earlier today, we decided to move our version control to GitHub. I eventually
got all of the branches and tags moved over, but had to do it manually. It
does seem to have worked quite well though and the git repo can be seen here,

You can sign up for a free account with GitHub, upload your SSH key and I can
add you as a collaborator. This gives you push rights to the repo in much the
same way you can commit to subversion. It is also possible for anyone to fork
the repo, work on improvements and make a pull request. This seems like a
great way to lower the barrier to entry. If added as a collaborator you can
then go to the fork queue on the repository and integrate your changes into

As far as I can see from reading around, it looks like best practice would be
to fork, get added as a collaborator and merge your changes back in either
through the web interface or on the command line. You can add the private git
repo as a remote to push to. The remote would be at

You can pull changes from master and merge them into your branch. There are
lots of guides available out there, if anyone gets stuck I will happily help
you out. We can also add a wiki article with the basic workflow once we have
been using it for a while.

It is still possible for me to sync commits made to SVN. I think for a project
our size GitHub is a great resource that makes the kind of development we do
easier. Git can be tough to get into but there are many GUIs and plugins for
it now which may also ease you into it.