MOPAC 2009 >= 10.076L linux can't render MO

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Submitted By: LCF (olcfo)
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Summary: MOPAC 2009 >= 10.076L linux can’t render MO

Initial Comment:
There’s an issue with the new release of MOPAC2009 : Avogadro freezes when I want to render MOs.

I found out the AUX file does not contain all the eigenvalues and occupancies that Avogadro needs.

I would suggest to adapt Avogadro to this new AUX file shape and/or always add “LARGE” as a MOPAC keyword to generate the old-shape AUX file and avoid the problem.

Please find attached a zip file that contains the AUX files generated from the same MOP file using two different versions of MOPAC2009.

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