Mongochem integration with Avogadro2 is dead?

I am trying to use mongochem with Avogadro2. Compilation of mongochem fails,
I wonder if this project is dead - last update on github is 5 yeas old. Also, mongochem is not part github openchem downloadable project package.
Should I stop trying to compile mongochem?

You should stop trying to compile it, I have updated the description, and will soon archive the repository. It was a great experiment, but it never really panned out. We learned a lot, and have a Python-based data server we recently added some integration. I don’t always see updates on here, but will try to write about what we have been doing recently. MongoDB’s C++ API was quite poor, and exposing a MongoDB server isn’t ideal whereas a Python-based data server using RESTful APIs will offer better results in my opinion.