Molecule (or parts thereof) disappear intermittedly

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Category: Rendering
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Submitted By: Michael Banck (mbanck)
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Summary: molecule (or parts thereof) disappear intermittedly

Initial Comment:
This is not really reliably reproducable, but happens frequently:

The displayed molecule disappears completely, or maybe only the atoms/bonds and/or surfaces.

This seems to happen more frequently if “Display unit cell axis” is active and while I have the vibration extension open and switch between different vibrations.

It is /very/ frequent (and seemingly independent of the unit cell axis) if I have a surface (a molecular orbital) displayed, the surface dialog open, and focus/defocus the main avogadro window (by moving the mouse in/out of the window using a focus-follows,ouse window manager (metacity in this case). Every so often (it usually takes less than 10 switches) either the whole surface+atom disappears or just the atom (while the surface remains). Once the main avogadro window is focused again, the graphics get restored. Switching focus between the main window and the surface dialog triggers this as well.

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