Modify the atom / bond display scale

I want to modify the scale of the graph of bonds, for example, I draw the oxyhydrogen bond with the length of one angstrome, but the existing graph cannot be completed, I want to make the graph of bonds per unit length show a little longer.Please tell me how I need to do it. Thanks!

I’m not quite sure I understand what you want. I think you want to edit the bond length?

What version of Avogadro are you using?

The version of Avogadro is 1.2.0n-win32,My question is related to bond length and drawing。For example,I want to draw a carbon-carbon double bond with a bond length of 0.8A,But if I do this, the two carbon atoms will basically overlap and the bond will not be revealed。Moreover, at present, my software can’t draw bonds with a length below 1A, but I don’t know how to solve it。I hope you can give me some solutions, thank you very much!

Sure, no problem. First click on the little ‘tool’ icon in the display types list:

This will bring up options to scale the size of the balls and sticks:

Pick a size that works for you - for example, switching the atom radius to a “covalent” version or generally shrinking the scaling factor.