Messages textbox could be more widely used

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Submitted By: Benoit Jacob (benoitjacob)
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Summary: Messages textbox could be more widely used

Initial Comment:
Here is an example.

  1. you select a carbon atom
  2. you do some stuff and eventually you forget that you selected a carbon atom
  3. you click “Change H to Methyl”

nothing happens. Wtf?!

Well, it’s normal that nothing happened because a carbon atom was selected, so there was no H in the selection.

But it would be much, much nicer for the user if, when there is a selection containing no H, the “Change H to Methyl” displayed a friendly message “The current selection (%1 atoms) does not contain any hydrogen atom”.

And the Messages textbox would be a great place to display such messages.

Upon printing such a message, that textbox should be made apparent, otherwise it won’t be noticed by user (most of the time it’s folded). See discussion in BR 1947745.

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