MEMORY related info in avogadro

dear user
im using avogadro generated ORCA input
so orca was showing run abort
is there any option in AVOGADRO to know about memory space ?

Possibly yes if preparing the file via Input → Orca to reach this widget:

In case it is not accessible to you, check if you have the optional Avogenerators installed (Extensions → Download Plugins, entry Avogenerators; their work relies on Python):

What version of Avogadro are you using?

sir, I’m using latest version 1.2

Sorry, v. 1.2 does not have memory options and can’t perform bug fixes.

  • Try a beta from
  • If not, click in the text area of the Orca input and paste in the memory you need, e.g. 3GB (per core)
%maxcore 3072

See ORCA Input Library - ORCA Common Errors and Problems

ok sir does this 1.97 version of AVOGADRO has a seperate manual/?