Links in ActivityPub posts are broken

This seems recent, I think it worked a week or two ago. The “Discuss this on our forum” links point to seemingly random nonexistent locations. Maybe this is just a problem in Ivory, since trying to “link to post” does in fact go to the right place:

The reference to the CML citation here does work.

Do you think it just got cropped since the “Discuss” link is right near the CML link?

Do you see this on other ActivityPub posts?

Yes. This link is bad (…<br><br><a%2520href=) from

I checked it in Ice Cubes and the web UI, all have the same problem. ActivityPub must be mangling it.

I reported it to the Discourse ActivityPub plugin. Unfortunately, I’m not super-conversant in Ruby, so it would take a bit to find the bug.

This no longer seems to be a problem:

And the link is correct: Windows & OpenSSL - Testing Needed

We’ve definitely been keeping the Discourse updated. I didn’t see a specific mention of the bug fix, but they noted the problem when I reported it.