Kalzium ported to the new Avogadro 0.8.0 library - new editing features


I just thought both lists would be interested to know that late last
night I finished porting Kalzium to use our latest 0.8.0 release of the
Avogadro library. Kalzium is the first consumer of the Avogadro library
and I have spotted quite a few bugs and UI improvements during the time
I have spent porting to to different versions.

Kalzium now has basic editing support, users can draw molecules, do some
basic geometry optimisation and also make measurements along with being
able to save in any format OpenBabel supports writing to. I think the
string freeze is tonight and the six month cycle has been really tough
to fit inside. I do think it was well worth porting Kalzium to this
latest snapshot which features many improvements over our previous release.

I will hopefully find the time to blog about this later along with the
release of Avogadro 0.8.0 - it has been a busy weekend. Already fixed a
few bugs present in 0.8.0 too!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Avogadro and OpenBabel. I hope
that the molecular editor in Kalzium will be well received by the community.