Kalzium, CML

Am Sonntag 24 September 2006 19:08 schrieb Andrew Potter:

I am working on a KDE4 project which currently renders CML chemicals using
OGRE’s 3D engine.

I noticed that Kalzium would do something similar

No only Kalzium :slight_smile: As you can see in the list of CC’s there is a lot interest
in this, only the other projects (KyroMol and Avogadro) use OpenGL… We
should really not duplicate such effords, lets join forces!

and was wondering if you
knew more about when openbabel will have chemical files.

Do you know where I can get these CML files? My project is GPL.

http://www.blueobelisk.org/ has these files, you find them here:


Carsten Niehaus