Issues with atom selection

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Summary: Issues with atom selection

Initial Comment:
The first issue I have concerns the “Select All” menu item. If I have already selected several atoms or molecules this feature will only “invert selection.” It appears “Select All” works as expected only when nothing is selected.

After selecting an atom molecule, the blue selection indicator disappears upon rotation in either “Select/Rotate” or “Navigate.” If I change the rendering engine, the selection indicator is properly preserved and does not disappear upon rotation. If I switch back to the engine that I used to make the selection, the indicator will again disappear upon rotation.

Selecting bonds is extremely difficult. It would seem that using “Molecule” selection mode the bonds within the molecule should be selected as well. Using the “Ball and Stick” engine, with “Atom” mode it is impossible to select a bond. The only way to do it is with the “Stick” engine and “Atom” selection mode and even then because zoom doesn’t work in “Select/Rotate” is nearly impossible to select all atoms in bonds in a single water molecule. My goal with this is to be able to display selected molecules (with bonds) with a different engine from the rest of the system.

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