INSERTING metal ions in avogadro

dear leader,
i just want to create ionic dye molecule using avogadro
we have the option to insert elements in avogadro but how can we insert metal ions like Na+/Ca+2 etc.?!

You can, of course set formal charges. The question is “what are you doing with the file / ionic system?”

For example if you are running a quantum calculation, you may not care about a formal charge on a specific atom, since the charge is set on the entire input file.

yes sir, i want to run geometry optimization in ORCA so basically its an azo dye particularly Na+ derivative…but i wud like to assign charges to metals nd try as well

sir if you could pls explain that…!

But in this case, you just need to set the total charge in the ORCA input generator, e.g.

In my particular case, the Na+ replaced a hydrogen, so there is no change in the total charge on the system.