Incorrect popup-tooltips for Bondcentric Manipulation button

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Submitted By: Daniel Macks (dmacks)
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Summary: Incorrect popup-tooltips for Bondcentric Manipulation button

Initial Comment:
Not sure if this is a bug in the text in the GUI or a feature-bug, so anyway…

Using Avogadro-1.0.1 on Windows XP, hovering over the Bond Centric Manipulation Tool gives me a popup box with a list of mouse-actions and what they do. The information in this box contains:

Left mouse: click and drag to rotate the view

and two more that are actually part of the Navigation Tool behavior (and listed in the tooltip for its button to the left of the Bondcentric one) as well as the ones for the Bond Centric tool (“Left click and drag on a bond to set the manipulation plane”, etc.) Now I would love to be able to rotate the view after selecting a bond (alter the view without losing the manipulation choice. But this doesn’t work:

  1. select Bond Centric, click on a bond
  • the angle and dihedral measurement planes appear
  1. select Navigation, click-drag to rotate the molecule
  2. select Bond Centric
  • selection from step 1 is lost.

My goal is to be able to manipulate bonds I cannot see directly, or to more clearly see the effects of a geometric change when parts of the molecule obscure the actual item I’m changing. Specific example: altering dihedral of a bond while viewing it in a Newman-like projection rather than a side-on view of the bond being rotated.

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