Improvement for the rotation around the modified axis

First I want to thank the developer for designing Avogadro such a powerful and easy handling software. When I used Avogadro to modify the crystalline structure, however, I felt some inconvenience when doing the rotation and translation and wanted to have a suggestion.

Here is the issue I met:
After I imported the xyz file of the crystalline structure, I wanted to move and rotate the first layer along the modified axis as shown in the figure. However, it always moved or rotated along the default axis.
Therefore, I suggest that the “manipulation” function can be improved by setting the modified axis as the base for further translation or rotation operation.

Thank you!

I’m not 100% sure on what you mean by “modified axes.” Do you mean you want to specify a specific rotation frame of reference?

Several people have asked to be able to rotate around the axis perpendicular to the best-fit of a selection (e.g., select a few atoms like you have, then rotate in the plane of the selection). Does that describe what you want?

For the “modified axes”, I just changed the settings of “Axes” to build a new axis system as shown below.
Axes settings

What you mentioned about rotation around the axis of the selected atoms also works for my situation. It also describes what I need.

Thank you!